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I’m a stayed at home mom and was looking to make extra cash so I looked around for a work from home opportunity. I came across JD’s keychains and thought I give it a try. 7 ½ years later, I’m still with JD’s and loving it because I enjoyed making their keychains. Being a mom, this gives me flexibility to set my work hours and time with my family. Staff and management are friendly and great whenever I needed help. I plan and hope to work with JD for many years to come. Thanks JD’s Keychains


D. M.

I highly recommend Sonrise Greeting cards for anyone looking for a work at home job to supplement their income. For the past 2 years I have been making the greeting cards and getting paid for a craft that I thoroughly enjoy doing in my spare time. I find cross stitching to be very relaxing and therapeutic, and the cards are easy to make. After I make a unit of 24 cards, I ship them to the company and always receive a check in the mail for my work. It has been a very rewarding and great experience working for Sonrise Greetings Cards and the staff there is always very courteous, polite and helpful whenever I’ve had any questions and needed to call them

S. T.

I Know many people have been burnt before from other home Assembly companys and I am definetly one of them. I have made some mistakes in thinking all Assembly companys are honest, I was wrong. I learned that the hard way from losing alot of my money. What I can do is give confidence,and reassure to everyone that Easy Mark and Sonrise greeting cards (which is the same company)are A legit company. Not all home Assembly jobs are legit !!! You must do your research.


Easy mark by rets, it looked very interesting and decided to give them a try. Easy mark by Rets didn't have a website back then it was around 1999 or 2000.I began making the bookmarks and sent it in back and fourth for at least 3 times, they keeps telling me the knots are not even so I would redo them and began again and this time make them tighter and more neatly. When I sent them in the 3rd time they let me know that I have been approved and went out to Rag shops and bought the supply's and began working....I never looked back. I am happy to say I am now debt free


After a lot of research on work-at-home crafting companies, I decided to try Easy Mark. Also I called the company and was able to easily get through to a real person and not an answering machine! I received my start-up kit from them in like three days. I've sent in a few samples but so far have not been approved yet. But I am still going to keep trying. I was told that my sample was very close to passing, so that was encouraging. So far my experience with them has been good, even though I'm still in the inspection process. Every time I've sent in a sample, the turn-around time has been a week or less!

God Bless!!



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