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Simply Ornamental

Thank you for inquiring about our work at home program. Simply ornamental is a division of Holm Productions Inc. We have been in business for over 11 years. We make and sell handcrafted Christmas ornaments. We need home workers like you to help us meet the demand for our ornaments. If you can follow easy instructions, and bead thread then you can do this!



Make up to $412.00 profit a week!

Work full or part time! Set your own hours! NO SELLING!

Our ornaments are easy and fun to make! Make them in your spare time, or full time. Its up to. We will pay you $103.00 for each unit of 24 quality ornaments that you send to us. You can purchase your supplies at any craft store, or you may order supplies from us. We will reimburse your supply cost of $17.00 and your shipping cost, (up to $12.00 per unit), for every unit that we purchase from you.

Send in as many as 4 units a week!

That’s $412.00 profit a week!


We will send you the instructions, diagrams, beading line, and beads for a total of $34.95. This includes the registration fee of $12.00, the start-up kit with instructions and beads for your first ornament for $15.00, and $7.95 shipping and handling. The registration fee will be refunded to you after you complete your fourth unit! Your kit will be mailed to you within 2 business days from the time that we receive your order. All you have to do is purchase the styrofoam ball or send one for approval, then we can send you a unit.  If you pay by check, your kit will be mailed after 7 business days, to ensure the check clears the bank. For a total of $34.95, Simply Ornamental will send you the start up kit with detailed instructions, diagrams, materials and a home-worker “help line” phone number.


You will be paid $103.00 per unit of 24 quality ornaments that you send in, plus $17.00 for supplies and up to $12.00 for shipping reimbursement. You agree to make the ornaments to Simply Ornamental specifications. 

When you complete your 4th unit, your registration fee will be refunded!

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Simply Ornamental
P.O. Box 81429
Conyers, GA 30013

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